You stalk me Even when you are with me Words die Stillness speak Legs confined I cannot traverse those two steps A wall of morality Built by the society Is thick between us Eyes meet Sparks fly Kindles the fire…of desire The external forces Are greater than Our innate feelings, Shackling you and me.


I had locked them away Yet, all they needed was a trigger They had been confined for so long. I first shivered and Then shook as I heard tremble in their captivity Wanting to break free. I heard one of them groan The other, roar… It was a mutiny! They were against me in full […]


An unfinished poem An unsung melody That’s what you are. The words stuck in my heart Words, I did not type The words, I deleted….all that you are! The smile that doesn’t reach my eyes The flowing water which I can’t touch twice The shooting star that disappears in the blink of an eye The […]


Why this reluctance? This indecisiveness? Shy? Coy? Acting like a bride, ha? So unlike you! I know you unrestrained The way you let go Poured on my senses Blinding my vision Showering your love Each spray a philtre from heaven Deluged by your waves Soaked in your mist Playing with the drops Twirling them in […]


Aparna is more of a family than a friend. I have known her family for more that 15 years now…but, my bond with Aparna is that one of sisterhood and respect. She is a super mom of super special kid, Prerna and I salute the patience and strength she eludes. Her day is packed with […]