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Is it cupid who has the bow? Ready to shoot the arrow? Will it pierce, strike or wound? To enliven or to bound? The arrow has a course to take, Have many obstacles in its wake. Trust, Hope and Faith its friends, Have some rules it breaks and bends. The heart so weak, without reason; […]


Welcome to the Blog-A-Licious tour no.8. Enjoy the tour….before Memoirs of a homemaker is the talented writer Totsy and after Memoirs….is another creative homemaker and writer Sheeza.  For starters, let me say that people who break the queue; who break traffic rules; who spit indiscriminately in public …..Are the types who put me off.  India […]


The uproarious laughter coming from somewhere in the house woke me up from my afternoon siesta. After orienting myself for a couple of minutes, I remembered that my hubby was expecting ‘A’ friend. But, the laughter I heard was collective! I tip toed and peaked into the living room and I saw four of them. […]


Her heart waits With breath, bated With patience, forced With calmness, restrained With weakness, masked With hope, dwindling With strength, weakening With pain, numbed….. For a word from him or Even a sign to show He cares……But??