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ABSENCE. Foggy mind’s illusion Seeking and seeing Images of delusion. For Sensational Haiku Wednesday

dVerse Poets Pub – OpenLinkNight Week 20

IT HAPPENS. How can one explain, What we feel? Am as surprised As you are! I know this is insane Love happens Anywhere, anytime, Anyhow, all it Needs is two hearts Beating as one…. Which are meant to be. For dverse Poets Pub.


Hi, meet Time, my friend since birth. Time has been with me just like Shadow. We have been inseparable. We breezed and ran through childhood wanting to grow-up. Thought growing up was cool. We arrived at teenage full of stars in our eyes. College, studies, boys, romance and dreams, had fun. Requested Time for more […]


It is that time of the year When winter creeps and chills Reminding me warming to your smiles. Looking back at the past, Memories is all we have got Of a time young and innocent. Something stayed through the years The seasons changed over the years But, feelings got buried within us. Cannot wind back […]

160- Ah! FATE.

She slept So peaceful And serene Glad her suffering ended? Sad, she died young? Disease & death Makes no distinction In life you suffer In death they suffer Without you. For Monkey Man