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The laughter I like to hear, The sound of your voice…forgotten The warmth of your embrace The smell of your body The simple joy of sharing space, Of being with you. The tasty food you cooked A simple word of comfort, The times we spent together… Just me and you…. These are just a few […]


For –


He came home looking flushed, eyes red, a sign that he had cried. He doesn’t cry, but to have cried, he must have been hurt really bad. “Ma, Azad hit me on my head with a stone.” His lower lip quivered, tears were gleaming n his eyes threatening to fall, yet, he controlled. His friends […]


I was fine by myself, Had a home…vast and huge Limitless and boundless, Pristine and cool. I was happy, Had a wonderful family Girlfriend and life too. Had a shoal of friends We drank, feasted and had fun. I dipped and dived, Reached for the light, Danced and rolled…until You cast your spell Selfish and […]


I toss them around In my mind Trying to string them Into words, Carving them into Short sentences, Welding words to Make them rhyme, Chiselling them to Fit into the pattern, I chew on them, Spit the bitter ones out Mix them with the feel And finally mould Them into a poem. For –