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I was quite zapped with  the idea that how I was ever going to complete this challenge.Today is the last day.‘Z’ is the alphabet.I have come up with zilch.I am afflicted with bad cold and am going about my daily chores like a zombie.I do not have the zeal to write at all.I see all the zealous writers […]


I remember the time when I Learnt to ride a cycle on my own;I remember first crush thatEnded and all I did was groan;I remember myself chasingmy dreams and fracturing my long bone!!!For – NaPoWriMo


Its the center of  your being……Your core……Your soulIts the size of a fistEncompassing a world withinIt is bottomlessEnclosed in a small spaceIt is spaceless.A muscle,Its strong as an iron…It is not you,Yet it defines youA guide, it lights up your path.When happy, it soarsWhen excited, it gallopsWhen sad, it painsTurns into a tiny, Claustrophobic place.Gets hurt many […]


Let us raise aboveThe color of the skinFrom where we live inTo whom we prayOr follow which religionLet us raise aboveHatred,Animosity,And the bordersThat limits us.Let us uniteIn loveFor humanity andFor a better world.For – NaPoWriMo         A new age rhyme??


Dear Friends,This is an open letter to all of you. This is the penultimate blog of the Blogging A-To-Z Challenge, April 2012.If not for the push and the vote of confidence from Sulekha, Sweepy Jean, Tameka and of course, Andy, I would not have taken part at all. It is because of their undying support […]