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He would melt at her smile. Laughing at every silly thing she said or did. He was a dotting dad.He didn’t bat an eyelid and smirked while shooting a person dead, cold blood.He remembered the birthdays and anniversary, was always at his wife’s side whenever she needed him.He was ruthless….raping women in front of their […]


At the sound of distant thunder The birds get frantic To return home…to safety The wind picks up speed Gloom around Blowing up dust, litter and some leaves People are scurrying too Everybody likes rain Yet, at the first drops Everyone scrambles for shelter Many thoughts running with them Late for work, Late for appointment […]


Linking after Nilanjana – He smiled. He could have said ‘yes’, seized the moment and the opportunity presented. But, he wanted her to heal first and not get into  a relationship on a rebound.Lovers’ Cove Challenge…please link up your entries here.


Is there a way out?Memories can be meanEspecially thoseWhich are painful,And close to heart,Those which youSeem to have let go….Yet!There are so manyFond and happy memoriesBut, I am still stuckIn the ICU, Where She breathed her last.The very bed on which She layWhere She fought for deathDays that were a nightmare.The very bed on which She […]


It seemed so right thenSo, how could it be wrong?Was it the age? OrThe rebel in me? OrThe idea to overcome a taboo?Being vegetariansWe were brain washedNot to touch meat.Yet, I triedFearing my dad’s wrath,It was a big dealGoing against authorityI was both thrilledAnd guilty….But, how could that be?The guilt won overAnd till dateVeg is all […]