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He lurks in the dark cornersHimself a dark, shadowy figureAs big as one conceivesHim to beHis has power – black!He shows up whenYou are vulnerableAnd, in his eyesYou see yourself, mirroredCowering…Your cataract visionCreating a pseudo worldOf comfortBut, you are shackledAnd you follow himLike a faithful dog.In that deathly silenceYou hear it…A voice so tinyMuffled by […]


 Moonlight forces itself throughA barrier of the drapesAs they flutter in the windCasting a silvery glowOn your bare skin. Je respire l`odeur de ton corpsAs I open the curtainFor the moonlight to bathe youLanguishing in its magical spellIn its aura it envelopes youBeads of your perspirationGlistening like diamondsI bend down to suck a beadTo think…What did […]


Linking to Lovers’ Cove Challenge #3 Linking after Suzy “The sweet whispers of our souls reflecting in the faces radiant with love” For more connect here – Lovers’ Cove Challenge #3 Andy  David –  If I were an artist, I would create the most beautiful flower in your image. Elen Lackner –  And I would draw […]


Tea, coffee, milkTo each his own.“Ewww! I can’t eat this”Heard at the breakfast table.“Maaaaa, tell him not to irritate me.”Bang! goes the door.“I want to play football”Tak, tak, tak…More screamingAs I turn deafThe TV blares along withThe scuffling and bickering.“Can’t you stop their fight?”“Ugh! I am watching TV”And the volume goes up a notchI throw […]


This canvas was blankYou painted itWith vibrant emotionsAnd myriad colors.You do not have a wandNo magical wordsYet, everything becomesMagical around you.Composing brilliant symphoniesPlaying with the chordsOf the heartYou orchestratedLife like a melody.Molding, chiseling And sculptingBreathing life and beautyInto this formless form.You don’t have wingsYet, you watch overEngineering everythingA master craftsmanSpinning and weaving wordsMaking me fly with you..Are you a […]