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Much awaited day Of the year Another facet of Mumbai- THE happening city. Sea of people Walking towards the Sea Religion, caste and class- Forgotten Dancing, singing, making merry Blaring music, A song here Another there – Creating a fusion of sorts Above the rhythmic beating Of the drums. People walking, Standing and watching Some […]


The Light His Action, and the DarkThe Leisure of His willThere is no corner, no dark placeYour love cannot fillIts fingers spread like fine spun goldAnd sings the tune without the wordsAnd never stops-at all –With grateful memories in a gift….I wish to stay entrapped forever. {The lines I have used are from the poems […]


You are the creatorAs well the destroyer.     Through Lasya     You create      Love, so divine. Though engulfed in flamesYou burnTo enlighten.     Your Tandava     Destroys the illusions,     Ignorance of yearsIt’s my soul you dance on. {Note : Lasya – a gentler form of dance, associated with creation of world […]


We, a group of talented bloggers from around the world are currently on a tour….a blog tour. Our theme is “Sometimes I Wish.” Don’t we always wish to fulfill our wishes? Only that the wish list goes on and on. Here’s one of mine. Some days back, four of us, friends, had gone out for […]


A perfect morningTo wake up to.Sun is in deep slumberAs clouds obscure him.With steady drops of rainFalling on themEven my winged friendsAre forced to remain muteIt’s as if the time has stilledAfraid…Batting my eyelids Will break this spellI close my eyesTo soak silence.For – dVerse          g-man