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    She saw him staunter towards her. She couldn’t believe her eyes.  Where was the guy she had fallen in love with? “Aren’t you? Wow! What a make over! You were fat, ug…ummm…chubby and immature then. And you had even confessed your love for me,” he said a little too loudly. Every one around […]


  Guess consistency could have been her name, Her routine never altered for all that I know She has always been ready for the show A slave of her fate, begs without shame Come Ramadan, and she has a spot reserved The boy too, funny he never ages No matter which leg, covered in bandages […]


I feel it…in your eyes Hung heavily between us Smouldering inferno… The tension palpable No one making a move. Savoring The game of seduction Undressing each other With eyes holding on Gaze, steadfast. Your eyes linger On my neck…and I melt Your eyes trailing a pattern Of goose bumps On the untouched Skin…touched You trace […]


  “Autograph please?”- I ask. She looks up Her smile lighting up her eyes “Tea?” she asks Exuding warmth She is not her stories. Looking straight in my eyes… “I restore myself when I am alone,” she says. “Huh?” “Only parts of us will ever Touch parts of others- One’s own truth is just that […]


  I let my guard down,I trusted too soon,Went with the flowGot swept in the currentI came out clean – glowingI was me, myself with himNo inhibitionsOr restrictions,Every moment memorableMade precious by his touchCelebrating each otherWith friendship and loveFlying higher together,He made me feel A woman I was…Drawing me out,Daring meSurprising myselfAnd laughing at it.We […]