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  The time when the Sun Is yet to open his eyes Brush off his slumber To rise above – the dark There lies the thin line, The threshold – Of wakefulness Or is it sleep? Of consciousness Or a glimpse of submerged mind? Our deepest desires surface As dreams, Making them palpable Giving wings […]

My Photo Blog.

On 27th of this month, Social Media Week, organized a walk through heritage Parsi and Iranian Cafes of South Mumbai….during which we visited the St.Thomas Cathedral. Posted here are some photos of the same….I must say, this was a fraction of what is there. You can view the photos here.


Time is rest-less So is she Fluttering about I could always see…her Energetic and patient She was raised to cater Looking out for others The ‘Self’ did not matter Looking at the sky She ‘wished’ to soar She was bound The invisible threads pulled Torn between duty And her dreams Wistful and wishful She let […]


Recipes are alien to my blog. I cook to feed my family…purely for survival reasons. I never experiment with food or cook some thing new as I don’t want my family to get used to the idea that I can really cook. Today I am doing something totally different. Presenting my friend who is a […]


The madness was set to take place among the impressive and imposing premises of Fort Jadhavgarh.     The Maharastrian Royal welcome. The second season, the monsoon mud rush saw some 2270 mud rushers on an all-terrain run that stretched across 7 km circuit with 21 obstacles. 30-foot stacks of hay, water bodies, barrier walls, […]