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Judging a book by its cover? Think twice. Brilliant package Chiseled frame Greek God looks…full of myth. Genetic typos? Nah…peer coercion or a Twisted sense of self-worth Camouflaged and deviant Innocence masking the nefarious A face to show One more to hide Misplaced sense of retribution Teen crime, doesn’t make sense. For – dVerse Poets […]


Her fame precedes her. The list of her credentials is long. Her articles have been featured in,, Times of India NRI contributor, Indian Express US -West Coast Edition. Her blog features in the Platinum category of Indian top blogs among others and she is the winner of the Indian Blogger Awards for the […]


  There are women and there are strong women. Both are one and the same because ” You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” DAGNY is one of the strong women I know. Dagny is a Nordic name meaning New Morning. Dagny is one such Inspiration […]


Love – on both sides Love was there, Love was here too. It was true love there, It was true love here too – when physically intimate A hiccup, A small gust of wind… A fallacy revealed An awakening… another ‘love story’ bites the dust The promise of a life time Broken in a moment. […]


   Individuality is key to Karana’s fall Love is the salvation Individuality is the key Love is suicide Individuality is at first spontaneous and unshaped; it is a potentiality Love is a game that two can play and both win Individuality is unique Love is a many splendored thing Individuality is quashed and not nurtured […]