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Although he did all the chores around the house by himself, he had a lot of time to kill. Sleep eluded him at this age and he always used this time to help others like him with their bank work or some thing else. No books nor people could fill the vacuum he felt when […]


  “THE DREAM CATCHER” This post is for the Indiblogeshwaris – Being Me, HERstory.


“I am going to faint. Hold me please. No…better if you bring me a glass of lemon juice. God, these joints are killing me. I need to replenish the loss of minerals in my body. I need some solid food. ufff this fatigue! I am thinking of getting my medical tests done within a couple […]


  It was a red carpet event befitting a bollywood movie premier, even though it was a short film made for the Television at the Courtyard Marriott organized by the Indiblogger. MTV India has partnered with the local affiliate of consumer products giant Unilever to launch MTV Films, a branded content initiative that will recruit six […]


Me and Uma, we did not bond over blogs…for a change. We bonded over school memories – my dad’s and hers. 🙂 My dad studied in The Children’s Garden School in Chennai and so did Uma…of course years later. She was excited that her school senior’s daughter is her friend. I was elated too. And […]