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  A range of emotions passed through him whenever he held her in her arms. And one such emotion was pride…she belonged to him. She was perfect and she was so beautiful. Her eyes were deep blue pools. Her smile stopped his heartbeats for a second. Her skin smooth and flawless, her lips pink like […]


Who are you? A name? A face? A feeling? A memory? A past that is somewhat present? A lesson? A song? Or A poem? The first drop of rain The cold gust of wind… Caressing my skin The tears that threaten to spill? You are a presence An ache The smile The search The quest […]


When I am cold, I yearn For your kiss To be imprisoned In your arms The feel of the warmth Yet When you do that I sweat, I hide… Oh! these seasons really bother me. For –


  There are always two of each thing, two sides, two brains, two limbs, opposites…for every good there is a bad, for every pro there is a con and then there a multiple point of views. When we generally think of the youth, we have a preconceived notion of them having misplaced ideologies; they usually […]


Frozen, monochrome, drab My impression of you Unless I realized White is a color too With its range and shades Dark and light And moments of brilliance Moments I thrive on Moments that touched me I live in them sometimes…my haven My safe house. Sad, you could not stay…forever Unbeknownst to me You marked my […]