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I am humbled by your vastness Your magnificence awes me Your beauty captivates me I feel small, A speck… Still a part of the whole A part without which, The Universe would be incomplete. For – The Mag


  I wait…with breathed breath, afraid that my breath will dispel your ‘smell’ that announces your arrival. I wait…my eyes scans the landscapes, the horizon, the sky, trees and the moon, trying to steal a glimpse of you among these things. I wait…my lips parted in thirst…waiting for you to quench me,  to drink from […]


  Trust your guts Believe in self, Flap those wings Your instinct,  your guide Follow that compass Set forth on that journey Break those taboos Seek what heart desires Find THAT path Where there’s none. For – The Mag


Image: Google It was his habit. He did not believe in rushing things and so planned meticulously. But, this time all his planning went for a toss. He saw her walk the aisle to her  groom. He had been waiting for that perfect moment only to let her walk into the arms of another man. […]


Being Sensitive to others’ feelings —— on the verge of extinction. Values —— Divided or misplaced. Tolerance —— What is it? Using expletives —–– In vogue.   Social media / social networking has become a free for all verbal match pitch. It has become fashionable to be rude in public. The more rude you are, […]