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Hi Peeps, Myself, Devi. I am a community helper, similar to a Municipality worker. But I don’t work for any Government office. We are a group of members…. a group of few million members; yeah, you read it right, we are a strong group of few million as we have to serve the entire human […]


I was proud of my roots Of the place where I came from The heritage, the legacy I shared My ancestry And some strong women and men; The very roots were Rooted in dogma, Superstitions and faux beliefs. They chained me, Bound me, clamped me shut Tied and suffocated me.   Stop it.   Unchain […]


A religion that forbade A heart that rebelled A skin that wanted to feel The rules that were broken The tiny glimpses of freedom Of having lived the moment, The little pleasure of life! For – The Mag


Pssst…I heard one of them call I feigned hearing impariment I heard a whistle Then a cat call “Don’t heed,” “Don’t heed,” I repeated to myself “Don’t fall for the temptation,” “Don’t fall for the trap,” My head turned – on its own Cos’ the gut has a mind of its own… It was an […]


The challenge is to use the words “purr” or “bow wow”  or both creatively in a Haiku of 17 syllables in the form  of 5-7-5. How it melts my heart! Cats purr & dogs wag their tails Utter devotion. For – Verses @ Pondering Two