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Bhavana Nissima writes wonderfully as she is a sensitive writer. She mostly writes on social and women’s issues. But that’s not all that she writes about…hop over to her blog to find out more. I am sure you will be delighted to read her thoughts.


A Mugful of Water

Now you may wonder why I am writing about this. Then you think you know me so maybe I will say something profound. But, of course, baby or baba.

See, a mugful of water is a mugful of water. It exists. It is right there.  You may say you choose to ignore it. But try to capture a photograph of the tiles in a bathroom when a mugful of water is in your frame. You will have to move it physically out of the frame. It exists, whole, maybe not pulsating like a cute puppy, maybe not as interesting as a playing kitten, but it exists—whole and full and being nothing more than that.

And a mugful of water is a whole mugful! Think– if you were on the toilet seat, doing your thing, and discover the tap has run dry. At such moments, how grateful you are for that mugful of water! Or think of a trip to Thane district in Maharashtra in the heat of summer and you watch women climb deep, deep into the well and climb out carrying 3-5 ltrs of water on their head. Will you, then, say, “oh that ‘a mugful of water’”?

And it is a mugful of water– a shape designed by someone somewhere to contain, a shape whose material is wrought by unknown men and women, a shape that is brought into shape by unknown men and women, a shape that earns them a livelihood, that helps them cook a bit of rice and dal and sometimes, maybe some mutton or chicken or a piece of fish but perhaps no ladoo or jalebi or that wonderful cake slice you had there at the fantabulous new bakery this morning or last evening or sometime last week.

So there it is. Sitting in your bathroom. A mugful of water. Glistening with the sweat, tears, hopes, dreams, courage, strength, tenacity, perseverance, discipline, joy of so many. Now throbbing with its own history, its own geography, its stories, and its chants.

Look! Peace be to that mugful of water.

14 comments on “INSPIRATIONS.

  1. Such a simple post and yet so breathtakingly beautiful! Loved it! “A mugful of water” will remain lingering in the mind for a long time. 🙂
    Pooja Abhay recently posted…The Girl who looked for RainbowsMy Profile

  2. It just is, whole, indivisible and unalterable. An ordinary thing, often seen, never noticed let alone appreciated.
    Dagny recently posted…Have You Ever Been Sad?My Profile

  3. That’s a mug full of beautiful thoughts Bhavana !
    Ruch recently posted…The Japanese and the Art of going Dip Dip Dip !My Profile

  4. Such a strong message in the simplest possible way !
    Great one Bhavana 🙂

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  6. Never thought one can write so beautifully about something so common like “mugful of water”. Loved this Bhavana…will be thinking about it, when I enter the bathroom or see the mug 😀
    UmaS recently posted…She…My Profile

  7. Such a simple topic and you have written about it wonderfully well Bhavana. The next time I see a mug of water, I will be brimming with the thoughts 🙂
    Jas recently posted…Compassion: Is It So Hard To Come By?My Profile

  8. Since you wrote this piece, am sure all the mugs of water now feel like a celebrity. I was able to visualise each expression. Enjoyed this post a lot. 😀

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