I remove the blanket

Covering the sky,

And I stretch after a good night’s sleep

Energy courses through me

And light streaks through the expanse….

Let the show begin.

Down Earth I can see

Some are glad to welcome me

And some irritated

I can hear their sighs, grumbles and prayers

A few soak up in the mist

Others blow it like the

Steam from their cup of tea

I like it when they sip me –

slowly, lazily an gladly

Feasting on the platter I have to offer –

The chirping, the dews,

The greenery and the blooms

Beauty to brighten their day

I hold the strings

and I burn…

so that they all can live.

For – NaPoWriMo

Today we are writing the persona poems.

3 comments on “PUPPETEER.

  1. Welcome the sun and the morning! Beautifully written, Janaki!
    Martha Orlando recently posted…Celebrate!My Profile

  2. Blissful post, Janaki. I need another cuppa tea for inspiration:)

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