I had forgotten about this post. I thank Roshni for reminding me about this. This is one of the posts I am proud of…written 3 years back. Hope you all will enjoy reading this.


I do feel a bit left out when I say I don’t have or I don’t wear many hats as many of my women friends do. 

And, then when I think of it, I do have one…well, two to be precise.

The first one is an old, worn, (well worn in fact) felt hat that has been passed on to me by the generations of women before me in my family. Amazingly, it fit everyone just fine. And, most of the time it is kept hidden or made invisible. Every woman is proud to be wearing it.

Role-playing and multitasking may not be the prerogative of women…but, we are more efficient, more adept than our male counterpart.

The way we women blend into the various roles, I would like to say we are more like ‘Chameleons’…blending with the environment and never giving ourselves away.

Okay, let me get back to the well-worn-invisible-felt-hat. Whenever, I feel I have achieved something, big or small…even teeny weenie small, I add a feather to my hat! And, I feel jolly good about it. This is how I saw my mom, my granny and my great granny. They never made any hue or cry about it…just a look at their beaming face and the feather on the hat….the whole world (household, because it was their world) would know! Hey, let me tell you this…the passing on of this old-well-worn-felt-hats is a tradition followed in every family, passed on from mothers to daughters. Such are her pleasures.

Now, for the second hat I possess. A magician’s hat…yes, the very black one!

 I put my hand into it and pull out some alphabets. They hover above and around me. I catch them one by one, string them into words, and weave them to phrases and sentences, magically transforming them to poetry or a prose! Voila!

Then, sometimes, I take out ‘a mood’ from the hat. I am a fussy cook. This ‘mood’ magically turns me into the ‘cooking mode’ and I feed a very happy family.

And, then there are times when I take out my memories – good, bad, happy, sad, some painful and some totally hilarious…the whole concoction of them. Helps me to be grounded.

It takes some balls (pun intended) everyday, from the magical hat to juggle my chores.   

I can go on and on with the things I can do with my magical hat….the best one – I take out my dreams and lay them all before me. I stuff back the ones I have achieved, the others I linger on….reminding myself that I have more feathers to add to my old-well-worn-invisible-felt-hat.

4 comments on “THE-OLD-WELL-WORN-FELT-HAT.

  1. You my dear friend are a magician. Your story is an inspiration which needs to be shared. It needs to be revisited every year too – for we should never ever forget about our hats. I have become too emotional after reading this post Janu <3

  2. So true and heartfelt, I agree with rubina, all women need to read this again and agian.

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