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I had forgotten about this post. I thank Roshni for reminding me about this. This is one of the posts I am proud of…written 3 years back. Hope you all will enjoy reading this. I do feel a bit left out when I say I don’t have or I don’t wear many hats as many […]


Three years to the day A dream aborted on the way A dream, still alive and burning Courage trying to overcome the fear underlying The heart feels weak now Tired of trying and fighting But never retreating fully ever. I will reclaim what was lost Just buying my time now To finish the unfinished Do […]


Me and Uma, we did not bond over blogs…for a change. We bonded over school memories – my dad’s and hers. πŸ™‚ My dad studied in The Children’s Garden School in Chennai and so did Uma…of course years later. She was excited that her school senior’s daughter is her friend. I was elated too. And […]


She looked pale, As white as paper,Translucent The shadow of death dimmed her pallor Thick blanket covered her skeletal frame I was afraid the weight might crush her… The machines keeping her alive And us, our hope The hum of the machines indicating life. She had looked better not so long ago, Beautiful in fact […]