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SUCCUMB. #hearthealth

  She lay there on the hospital bed kept alive with the help of a ventilator, her face calm and peaceful though pale. She was beautiful, even now…even when the end was near. The doctors had given up hope. The count down had begun. Outside the ICU friends, family and few of her former lovers […]


Today, we are challenged to write a poem in the voice of a family member. So, writing for mom and the relationship she had with my kids. TO MY GRAND KIDS. You would sleep by my side We would eat chocolates Late in the night I would regale you with stories  you would giggle and […]


She looked pale, As white as paper,Translucent The shadow of death dimmed her pallor Thick blanket covered her skeletal frame I was afraid the weight might crush her… The machines keeping her alive And us, our hope The hum of the machines indicating life. She had looked better not so long ago, Beautiful in fact […]