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Chaluvi was staring at the ceiling fan as he pounded her. He stopped and looked at her. She smiled, let out a low moan and hugged him tighter. He continued till he was spent. “Whom were you thinking about?” he asked as she was getting dressed. She was silent. Getting up he stood before her. […]

SUCCUMB. #hearthealth

  She lay there on the hospital bed kept alive with the help of a ventilator, her face calm and peaceful though pale. She was beautiful, even now…even when the end was near. The doctors had given up hope. The count down had begun. Outside the ICU friends, family and few of her former lovers […]


I remove the blanket Covering the sky, And I stretch after a good night’s sleep Energy courses through me And light streaks through the expanse…. Let the show begin. Down Earth I can see Some are glad to welcome me And some irritated I can hear their sighs, grumbles and prayers A few soak up […]


Well, the name of her blog is “The Earth Woman”.com and true to the name she is grounded, rooted firm and down to earth. I have had the opportunity to meet her as it is her mission (one of her missions) to meet as many bloggers as possible. And she is a warm person full […]


  There are women and there are strong women. Both are one and the same because ” You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” DAGNY is one of the strong women I know. Dagny is a Nordic name meaning New Morning. Dagny is one such Inspiration […]