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SUCCUMB. #hearthealth

  She lay there on the hospital bed kept alive with the help of a ventilator, her face calm and peaceful though pale. She was beautiful, even now…even when the end was near. The doctors had given up hope. The count down had begun. Outside the ICU friends, family and few of her former lovers […]


An unfinished poem An unsung melody That’s what you are. The words stuck in my heart Words, I did not type The words, I deleted….all that you are! The smile that doesn’t reach my eyes The flowing water which I can’t touch twice The shooting star that disappears in the blink of an eye The […]


In this land of fantasy We lay enthralled and entwined Your kiss…like a dew drop on the petal lingers on my lips Your whispers…like the cool breeze mesmerizes me Your eyes…dark with desire Breathes firs to my parched soul Your touch…like the soft silk draping my body tantalizes me Your touch…warm like the first ray […]


Rao, as his practice stopped by the flower seller to buy an arm’s length of stringed jasmines on his way back home from his morning walk. The flower seller out of curiosity asked him one day, “Is it for the puja or for your wife?” He beamed, “For my wife.” Another flower seller sitting next […]


Look at us Pretending that we don’t care Can feel the undercurrents Strong yet restrained Threatening to break free Sweeping us off in this deluge Isn’t it enough we are drowned already?   We flirt, we tease, we talk and laugh Still the silence, heavy, cloaks us Tearing us apart It is what you said […]