Savitha snuggled against Inder and let out a sigh. He enveloped her in his arms. She relaxed more. Next his hand was on her breast, squeezing lightly. She stiffened.

“What? Tired as always?” he hissed in her ears; “I am a fool to be expecting some love from you,” he said withdrawing his hand. Savitha turned towards him and kissed him squarely on his mouth, drawing him towards her.

Ten minutes later, exhausted even to think she drifted off to sleep.

There had been days when she was angry with herself for letting Inder get his way when she wasn’t in the mood for making love. But then again he would keep on cribbing about it for some time that giving in was better than listening to his lecture.

Savitha’s day started everyday at 5 am…in fact, 5 or 10 minutes even before that. She would beat the clock by waking up before the alarm went off fearing the sound would rouse Inder and put him in a grumpy mood through the day.

She then drank her tea in peace when the rest of the house still slept. The frenzy started from 6, the time the milkman arrived. Her routine, a clockwork precision – boil milk, do the dusting, soak the clothes for washing, prepare tiffin boxes for kids and hubby, wake up kids and Inder…. many a times the clock would be embarrassed for not keeping up with her.

“What will you have for breakfast?” she asked Inder as he read the newspaper.

“Whatever is convenient? What are you having?”

“Ragi malt and fruits.”

“Hmmm. Anything is fine.”

After sometime when Savitha had laid out his breakfast of bread toast and omelette on the table, Inder looked at it distastefully. “How quickly can you make me some upma?”

She gave him a hard look as she went into the kitchen to make upma. After 13 years of marriage she had been so used to his mood swings that she had stopped protesting or even think about the inconveniences he caused her. She was glad that her girls did not give her hard time as their father did. Both the girls would get ready by themselves. The geyser had to be switched on, their uniform kept out and they would appear at the breakfast table fully dressed and ready to go to school.

Inder called her immediately after reaching the office. “Hey, I forgot to tell you. We have a product launch party today. It is a formal event, so wear your gown. We have to leave by 7 pm,” without even waiting for her to reply, he disconnected the call.

Savitha sat heavily on the couch. Party meant leaving her kids at her parents place for the night and then again arrange for them to be taken to the school from there the next day. She first finished making lunch and then packed their bags for the overnight stay.

That done, she got about getting ready for the evening; getting her favorite red gown out and ironing the dress and laying out the accessories she would wear with it.

That evening she looked beautiful all dressed up. Inder was proud to show her off to his colleagues and other guests. She was poised and savvy. And as they danced together that night, everyone admired how they looked lovely together. They were in perfect sync. He was an attentive husband and always had a protective hand over her. Savitha smiled at the irony, only she knew the way he made her dance to his tunes.


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a unknown_source_

You are my closely guarded secret. You were a sin which I committed when I was helpless. I was young and I needed the money to fulfill my dream of getting into the University. It is only when I let you go did I realize that I loved you. I still do. Though you were not mine ‘technically’ you were every bit of me. I nourished and nurtured you. I felt you grow within me. I watched as you grew limbs and your features began to form and your heart began to beat. I could feel your heart beating within me long after you were gone. I was shocked when I first felt your kick in the middle of the night. I was carrying a life form, the reality which I realized then, at that moment. I used to talk to you, sing to you…and I still do sometimes when it rains as it was raining on the day you were born. They let me hold you and see you for few minutes, those minutes were worth a life time. You looked at me with such beautiful eyes. You were so tiny and perfect. Your parents were whooping and crying with joy. I had realized their dream of becoming parents. I had become a mother too. I was ecstatic but no one seemed to notice me. Today, I have two girls of my own. When someone asks me, “How many kids do you have?” I bite my tongue. I wish I can say three.

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It was a couple of years ago that I chanced upon a video that went viral on Facebook and other social media sites. The video showed a teenage boy holding a cat in his hand and kicking it with his foot as if he was kicking a football! And the boy looked triumphant! The glee on his face stuck in my mind and I did not sleep the whole night. It was in the video that the boy was from Mumbai…the city where I lived too. The boy’s face seemed familiar. Two days later, I read in the newspaper that the activists fighting for animal rights traced the boy in the video and he had been remanded to judicial custody. I also came to know from my kids the identity of the boy. I had known him as a boy. His family had resided in our apartment building some years back. I remembered him as a sweet and silent boy. But how did the boy grow up to be this violent?


Few years back, one late night, my husband and I heard some voices of a couple fighting and the screams from the woman as she was repeatedly beaten. It was from the apartment a floor above ours. We went out of the house and made our way up the stairs all the while debating whether we should intervene or not. My husband finally rang the bell of the house. After a couple of minutes, the lady opened the door. Seeing us she broke down. We accompanied her inside and by the window, seated was her husband and he was drunk. A year later they moved to another place and we lost touch. The boy in the video was their son! I came to know that as a teenager he had become a drug addict and was kicked out from school. The parents then sent him to live with his grandparents in their hometown, as he was becoming an embarrassment to them.


I also remember of another incident from my childhood. I must have been around 7 years then.  A boy, younger to me, who lived in the same locality, at the very young age of 5  had tortured a pup to death. The kids on the block started to avoid him. He not only used abusive language but also picked up fights easily.


Where do this anger and violence in kids stem from? Parents do not realize that it is from them that the children learn to be abusive. The kids learn that with violence comes power. They learn that with power you control the other person, by instilling fear. This fear is instilled by verbal and physical abuse.


I have seen kids throw stones at cats and dogs hurting them badly. Their emotional insecurity is not addressed properly and they resort to what they have seen played in front of them. Stray animals become easy targets for these kids who have lot of pent up anger in them. And when you tell these kids not to hurt animals, their parents appear from nowhere to shield their kids and in turn advise us not to preach them.


Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures.
– His Holiness The Dalai Lama


Be it kids or adults,  don’t think much before hurting an animal. Why should the poor animals suffer for nothing? This place is as much theirs as it is ours. But we are not only encroaching upon their territory but also making them move away from ‘our’ habitat. Animals are the perfect example of compassion. Care for them once, and they love you unconditionally for life. Man thinks that he is a supreme being just because he speaks and thinks. It is rightly said that you  judge a man by the way he treats animals.


If you cannot love an animal, don’t hate them. Animals have every right to live as much as you do. Respect them. And this is relevant to all the things – living or otherwise – in this world.





action figures Edith Vonnegut

Done and dusted

Vacuumed myself spotless

The so-called superheroes

Left after what they got

Yes, “Sweet dreams are made of these….

And some of them wanna use you”

And they will linger around in my memory

As mistakes, as lessons of trusting too soon.

Re-inventing myself is fun too.

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Day after day

Watching the cacoon

the caterpillar safely ensconed

We wait, for the beauty to unfold…

Every time we stand up for ourselves,

For what is right,

Every time we say NO when expected a YES,

When we do not bow down to pressure,

The day we realize our dreams,

Dare to follow our heart,

Defy the norm…

The beauty unfolds.

For – The Mag


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