Welcome to Facebook!

K, F9

Selfies, pouts, me and mine

Not sure if addicted to FB

or just bored daily

But my life seems to thrive

The feeling of being invincible

When my mobile pings

Signalling another like on my profile picture!

Real life? Never heard of that server

My friends are online characters

Maawwwh! hearts and hugs

We all are overflowing with love

While we walk with our heads down

ignoring people around!

I’m not trouble, I’m just ambitchous :)

As I try to be both

intelligent and funny with my status.

For – NaPoWriMo

Social Media style poem.




“Get into the prone position. Yes. That’s right. Now look at me. Hands by the side of the chest. Legs bent at knee…that’s right. I know this is your first time, but you are doing it right…trust me,” he says with a smile, eyes twinkling.
Encouraged by him, she goes down and comes up slowly. Her breathing gets laboured as she starts sweating. “Few more times and we will be done,” he tells her.
“Nice,” he says as she collapses exhausted.
Push-ups are the killers…they exercise your arms, triceps, pectoral muscles and the core among other upper body muscles.
Push-ups is one of the basic exercises used in physical training and a popular form too.
There are variations to this basic form and a person lifts about 65% of his/her body weight during this exercise.


For – Blogging from A to Z Challenge




I have a love-hate relationship with this

Life would have been simpler without this

If only food appeared magically on the board


Cooking makes me really sick

From the kitchen I wanna exit quick

Life would have been simpler without this


The blend of spices make me sneeze

Instead of lemon, it’s me who is squeezed

From the kitchen I wanna exit quick


Deciding between vegetables – a chore

Repeating recipes – oh, such a bore!

Instead of lemon, I am squeezed


Torn between healthy and comfort food

I guess most of us go by the mood

Repeating recipes – oh, such a bore!


Wish I could employ cooks and maids

I have a love-hate relationship with this

I guess most of us go by the mood

If only food appeared magically on the board.


For – NaPoWriMo

Attempting a form known as terzanelle.




Mine is a love marriage and I was aware that my in-laws were very orthodox. My upbringing was not so rigid. Though I knew what to expect, I wasn’t quite prepared for the actual turn of events.

Though I was not allowed into the puja room during my periods at my parents place, I was not restricted from touching or moving around freely. But I was made to sit separately in my in-laws place. I was not supposed to touch anything or anyone. I was even given a separate plate to eat and after eating I had to wash the plate outside the house, in full display of the neighbourhood while either my mom-in-law or dad-in-law poured water to clean my plate. It was downright humiliating!

I was told that there was a ‘shaligrama,’ which refers to a stone that represents Lord Shiva and it was important that the house should be very pious.

My husband and me were staying in another city and used to visit my in-laws once or twice a year. And as years passed I stopped telling them that I was even menstruating and used to enter the kitchen and the pooja room. Nothing untoward happened. In fact, they are prospering today than they were before.

It is past the high time we stopped these outdated practices.

FOR – Blogging from A to Z Challenge.




Kishenlal had a blank and forlorn look as the Maulvi saab read the kalma. Along with Kishenlal were his brothers and friends from his community, each one sad and dejected.

Soubhagya, his wife sat with other ladies from their community behind the purda equally blank and stoic, some of them weeping silently.

They had been given 3 months time. 3 months for the decision of a lifetime! 3 months to forget a life! 3 months to become something, which they could not even think of!

The decision had come out of the blue. The Valmiki community was the original settlers of this small town. Over the generations they had welcomed members of other communities and religions to settle in their town. Now they were the minority as there were only 80 families left with people migrating to the cities in search of a better life. And now their existence was threatened. With nowhere to go, they were forced to accept the decision.

The town now had a major population of Muslims and some one got a great idea that the town should have people from their community only. Members of other communities were given a choice either to convert or to leave the town.

Where would they go? They had their home and their land here on which their livelihood depended. Even with the money they would get by selling their possessions would not be enough to buy a home in any other city or town. And what will they do for their living as farming was all that they knew!

It was the end of the road for them. A few people committed suicide at the prospect of converting. Others, who were not so strong, gave in.

Kishenlal was now christened Khalil and his wife Soubhagya, Sadia…the price they had to pay to save their home.

(This is a fiction based on a true story that happened in Uttar Pradesh.)

For – Blogging from A to Z Challenge.



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