I had locked them away

Yet, all they needed was a trigger

They had been confined for so long.

I first shivered and

Then shook as

I heard tremble in their captivity

Wanting to break free.

I heard one of them groan

The other, roar…

It was a mutiny!

They were against me in full force.

They rumbled and the hinges creaked

And in one push they burst out

I was overwhelmed with their onslaught

Caught off guard, I slipped

Was swept away by  their influx

Their suddenness paralyzed me.

Out of control, they rushed, pushed and ran amok

The avalanche of memories nearly killed me!

I let them be…

I let them be for

It was a burden ever so heavy and

In their freedom I have my peace.




An unfinished poem

An unsung melody

That’s what you are.

The words stuck in my heart

Words, I did not type

The words, I deleted….all that you are!

The smile that doesn’t reach my eyes

The flowing water which I can’t touch twice

The shooting star that disappears in the blink of an eye

The sighs,

The tears I hide

Loneliness and longing, the constant feeling….

Sadness which I wear like a cloak

And the nothingness I stare into.

The jab that passes through my heart

Miserable failed attempts at masking my feelings…

You are the wound that I keep scratching

You are the sin I wanna commit

You are the wrong I wanna prove right.




Why this reluctance?

This indecisiveness?



Acting like a bride, ha?

So unlike you!

I know you unrestrained

The way you let go

Poured on my senses

Blinding my vision

Showering your love

Each spray a philtre from heaven

Deluged by your waves

Soaked in your mist

Playing with the drops

Twirling them in between the fingers

Looking up and letting you

Smother me

Shouting in glee

Sighing in pleasure

I remained drowned, drenched, satiate….

Where are you now?

Flowers, chocolates or gifts

How should I woo you?

To say I love you is so passé

Don’t act up, is all I can say

Loosen up

And put up a show

Do make a grand come back!



Aparna is more of a family than a friend. I have known her family for more that 15 years now…but, my bond with Aparna is that one of sisterhood and respect.

She is a super mom of super special kid, Prerna and I salute the patience and strength she eludes. Her day is packed with household chores, taking her daughter to school, to various therapy sessions and also writing. Even though I know about the struggles she is going through, I can’t even imagine what is it to be her. She is now craving a niche in the blogging world. She blogs at Life of a Woman.

It was a promise she extracted from me, that I will write her 100th post. So, here it is….

What color is pain?

Is it the red that flows out of your eyes?

Is there a color for that sinking feeling? Gray perhaps?

Or the gut wrenching blue?

Read more….

Wishing Aparna all the very best in life.





Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world – Harriet Tubman

Three and half years, that is what took me to reclaim my dream. And it came with lot of hard work, dedication, pain, self-doubt and loads of encouragement from friends and family.

My dream of completing the half marathon was aborted three years back when I broke a bone in my leg during the Mumbai Marathon. My dream was alive, dormant maybe but the spark kindled within me always.

According to the Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

“There is a time for everything,

And a season for every activity under the heavens…”

A lot of things came together, a way of Universe conspiring in making my dream become a reality; the gym I joined to, the functional training that stressed the importance on core strengthening, the trainers there who could understand and design the workouts according to my needs.

It was only in the month of March that I came to know that in order to register for a ‘timed’ running in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, you had to qualify and for this we had to run in any of the qualifier marathons recognized by the SCMM. And the qualifier run was scheduled in the month of June, which gave me hardly 2 months to train.

The hardest part of any journey is taking the first step.”

It actually took a lot of courage to get into my running shoes and get out onto the track to run. The first day was slow and tedious. All I could do was huff and puff. It never is easy to run a marathon because it is monotonous. It requires a lot of determination to stay on the track and keep running.

Later, when I discussed it with my trainer, I was taught about the breathing technique and the body mechanics – the posture and how I should take the steps. I was running every alternate day and I was almost physically drained all the time. The progress was slow. I got a foot assessment done, bought a new shoes and new insoles to reduce the pressure on my foot and also the shin splints which I used to get after a run.

During the practice runs, which were not as regular as I wished it to be, I was able to clock only 7+ kms in one hour…that was not so great when I was looking for a qualification for Mumbai Marathon.

June 7th, the day of the run…

I was very stressed. One, the venue was so far that I was afraid whether we would be able to reach there on time. Two, the memories of my earlier run was freaking me out and I was experiencing psychosomatic pains and pulls in my legs. My mind was coming up with all sorts of ‘what if scenarios’ which were not encouraging.

The first 2.5kms of my run was bad. I did not get anything right, neither my breathing nor my pace or courage. I was ready to give up even before it all started. But, after these 2.5 kms, I fell into a rhythm…the rhythm that I had on the treadmill while I practiced. My breathing and footfalls were in co-ordination and my confidence improved. As I saw women run past me, I felt I should catch up…. better sense prevailed which told me that I was in competition with myself and not others, I treaded along. When I saw the board saying last 1000 mts, I was elated. I could not believe that I was actually completing a marathon. I gave it all, whatever energy was left and encouraged myself not to stop.

I finally crossed the finish line…too numb to feel anything. I had conquered my fears and I had run well than any my practice sessions and I had earned a place in the SCMM…I can run…again!!!





In this land of fantasy

We lay enthralled and entwined

Your kiss…like a dew drop on the petal

lingers on my lips

Your whispers…like the cool breeze

mesmerizes me

Your eyes…dark with desire

Breathes firs to my parched soul

Your touch…like the soft silk draping my body

tantalizes me

Your touch…warm like the first ray

Scintillates me

I swoon to your tunes

We fall into the abyss

And we rise to the skies

We drown in the whirlpool of joy

As we ride the waves of ecstasy

We lay enthralled and entwined

In this land of fantasy.

For – NaPoWriMo

Re-writing an old poem PARADISE written by me.





How can I review thee?

How can I capture your smile in words?

Or the twinkle in your eyes

The playfulness that makes me laugh

makes me wanna reach out

and touch you…

Feel your smile with my fingers!

Your silly quips and retorts

or your gaze

Which I find hard not to blush at

The sculpted body,

the perfection of it…inviting

Your silly moves and

impromptu dance moves – endearing

How do I capture your grace in words?

How can I capture the essence of what is you!

For – NaPoWriMo


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