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 I was supposed to say, “Wah! Taj”, but would be mistaken for my weakness for the ‘Tea’. Here, I am talking about the “The Taj Mahal Palace”, it will be rude to call it a ‘Hotel’………this is a iconic, historic and heritage structure. Courtesy IPL, the TV crew and Production team were housed here. On […]


The first, live match of my kids at the stadium! The nagging and threatening to buy tickets online at outrageous price, made my hubby to arrange for the passes….it took him 5 years. He has been covering the ICL’s (now redundant), IPL’s, Champions League and the World Cup Cricket and this was our first! No […]


Crowd, crowd and more crowds. No, this is not a rally against corruption in support of Anna. This is a typical Sunday evening crowd in Mumbai. There are not many places to see or hang out in Mumbai, so we can see people everywhere. No point in going to the beaches too where the sea […]


I call her, and she beams and then shies away. I met her for the first time when she was just 5 months old. Somehow, the words “baby doll” came to my mind…she was and is cute, has her mom’s eyes, else she is the apple of her dad’s eyes. Prerna, is the ‘baby doll’ […]


Birthdays are fun. A day filled with good wishes and cheer. A day spent among loved ones, having a blast. A day actually when you do not mind being a year older! And, birthdays for kids is a time of frolic. The kids feel like Prince or Princesses enjoying all those attention. Arohi and Anika, […]