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Roy Durram of has offered us a fun challenge of writing a poem with the list of words he has provided. One must use at least three words from the list. Pamela Rossow is the first to take up the challenge. She says she is sucker for challenges…so am I. It gives me something to […]

dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight ~ Week 11

THOSE YEARS………. Twinkling eyes Ever ready smile Looking in wonder Steps agile. Eyes well up At every rebuke Throwing tantrums Without provoke. So innocent Without a care Loving everyone Heart so fair. Easy to laugh Easier to please Imitating mom Isn’t that me? Untouched Unblemished Childhood cherished!


I have wanted to write about this for quite sometime now. But, really did not know where to start, how to proceed and how to limit myself? But the thought kept nagging like a toothache. Like a big, ugly pimple on my face, this thought made me conscious and aware of its presence…..threatening to leave […]

dverse~ Poets Pub…..Say It Again, Sam

Who am I? I am the daughter mama doted Daddy’s apple of the eye; I am the sis the brothers bullied And also their sweetie pie. I was the teen filled with fun Enjoying life of abandon; I am the love of his life Now cherished as his wife. I am the mom of my […]

WHAT’S MY RASHEE? (Zodiac Sign) Not long ago, Mr. Ophiuchus made his entry into “our” zodiac world and created quite a storm in everyone’s life. He put us all, and our views about us in turmoil. If he had been there in the constellation, why was he not included in the zodiac chart in the […]