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My brain shakes its Head in disapproval Doubt glares at me Heart shuffles on its feet Wish I could eat my words Eyes hide…pained “What have I done?” Mind jogs…looking for ways To control the damage Lips – brave a smile. I dare and look into his eyes A light is lit, Its warmth spreading […]

I AM….

When was I conceived, With you in the womb? Or when you were born? Or while you were growing up? How were the seeds sown? How was I nurtured? How did I grow bigger-than you? How is that, I make you restless? I could be a flower, Unfluring I could be a butterfly, Evolving I […]


He came, He saw, He conquered He left The exit as quite as the entrance Without as much as A glance Feelings, time, emotions, Squandered Was she sad? In fact, glad 🙂 For –    Poetry Jam : Goodbye  


 “Heyyyy, that’s a beautiful dress you are wearing. What’s the occasion?” asks Naren. “28th is our 10th wedding anniversary, remember?” says Jia with a twinkle in her eyes.  “Oh! Jia…am sorry sweetheart. 28th is the meeting in Delhi. I will make it up to you…we will go out the coming weekend…a short honeymoon.” Naren is […]


This was good. Her life and the comfort she had. Happy to be in her own space. Two kids to look after. She found bliss in her routine. Her life, predictable. But, she was dreamer. How can anybody be stopped from dreaming? Dreams meant change, to get out of the comfort zone to make it […]