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The Sun was up but was still taking a lazy stretch when I sneaked down to my garden. I didn’t want him to see me steal. And so I was discreet. There, I found them scattered on leaves and on the petals of just blossomed flowers, they had this mild lingering fragrance about them. I […]


Trying to read your silence Between the lines of your mute eyes I try to weave a tale Of comfort and solace, Silencing the warning bells Forcing the positive Reassuring the heart, to be brave; I coax and cajole you Hoping to find that friend Among these scattered words Who once loved to talk Who […]


Some played with my strings for pleasure, Some fiddled with it for fun, Strummed with a song, Someone’s melody moved me to tears, A few harmonized The notes raining upon me The rhythm, the tempo Making me breathless. Some left the scars, a bit careless Some chords pained, a dead note… Yet, my heart will […]


As a dancer she has grace and that grace seeps into her writing. She is beautiful and savvy, which reflects in her posts. She is a winner all the way and that’s the reason she has won many blogging contests. I had the opportunity to meet her in Bangalore and she is so down to […]


The heart beats faster and your pulse races when you hear a siren. Sirens do spell danger, a danger which we aren’t  privy to. Even ogling a woman can lead you to danger. How? That’s what Suresh writes about in his story – Femme Fatale. The story begins inside a bar in Bangalore where Vikram, […]