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She looked pale, As white as paper,Translucent The shadow of death dimmed her pallor Thick blanket covered her skeletal frame I was afraid the weight might crush her… The machines keeping her alive And us, our hope The hum of the machines indicating life. She had looked better not so long ago, Beautiful in fact […]


“There must be some misunderstanding,” Geeta protested knowing very well that it was not going to help. “I am sorry, Mrs. Kumar but your son doesn’t fit in the class and other kids have started acting and mimicking him. Other parents are complaining and I have a school to run, maybe you will now consider […]


I stepped on the wet grass. The petrichor still lingered filling up my senses. I breathed in the pure, fresh air. The clouds hovered above, dangerously low, ominously dark and pregnant. The wet wind gently blew, she passed me by and stopped. Having seen me, she turned around, came near and fondly ruffled my hair. […]


  Pretend you don’t love me Pretend you don’t care Pretend you don’t miss me Easy to handle indifference Bitterness makes me strong, practical….   When you say you care, I crumble My knees go weak In the storm you kick up My heart melts And expectations take flight I start dreaming again To nestle […]


It has long been debated that Facebook has done more harm than good. I know it has…but for me it has worked out in a positive way. I have evolved through this medium. I promoted my blog here, I have made so many valuable friends and it was through FB that my poetry anthology happened […]