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How can I review thee? How can I capture your smile in words? Or the twinkle in your eyes The playfulness that makes me laugh makes me wanna reach out and touch you… Feel your smile with my fingers! Your silly quips and retorts or your gaze Which I find hard not to blush at […]


Rashmi called up Zohra. “Yo gal. Whats up? Aren’t you coming with us to the movie?” “Hey Rash, when are you going to the movie?” “Tomorrow, 11 am show,” replied Rashmi. “Cool…I will come.” “Wohoooo….really?” “Yes Rash, am done with my blogging challenge. Will be posting the write up about the last alphabet tonight itself. […]


We have scaled the mountains Dived in the seas Through our shared dreams and fears We have traveled from North to South and from East to West… We have talked about everything under the sun Politics, passions, relationships…more Yet we are not able to say what we feel for each other, Nor are we able […]


Sumi entered the room. ” Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear amma, happy birthday to you,” she sang and hugged her mother. “Mom, look at these lilies,  white ones, your favorite. And I have made kheer just the way you like it.” Silence. Sumi sighed and sat next to her mother. She lay her […]


You are Therefore I’m Forever, in love. For – NaPoWriMo Writing Haynaku